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Free Christian Resources and Tools
  Welcome to the free resources section of These resources and tools are designed to aid you in your understanding and teaching of God's principles of Christianity as written in the Bible.
  My Body - The Temple of God A powerful presentation, in pdf format, comparing the Christian's body to the temple of God - based on 1 Corinthians 6:19-20.
  D2L About Social Media
This is a preview of the full presentation on D2L(Desire to Learn) About Social Media. The full presentation introduces you to the secrets of Social Media networks (for example, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others) and why they are offered to you for free. It provides you with information and details on the following topics:
- Introduction to Social Media
- Amazing statistics on Social Media Networks
   (For ex. Total number of minutes spent on Facebook each month = 500 Billion)
- The Driving Force behind Social Media
- Can Social Media be Addictive?
- This is “your brain on social media”
- Data from social media addiction research
- Social Media Risks / Privacy Concerns
- 7-Step Plan to overcome Social Media Addiction

Get your copy of the full presentation of D2L About Social Media.

  Patience - a Christian attribute A presentation on Patience as manifested in the life of a fruit-bearing, Spirit-filled Christian. Chris Sealey teaches you the original Hebrew and Greek words for patience in the Old and New Testaments respectively and how they help us in understanding this important Christian attribute.
  Justification, Sanctification, Faith, Grace and the Law Chris Sealey explains the role of the God's moral law in the the life of the Christian and answers the question if Paul and James disagreed on justification by faith vs justification by works.

Reference material on Christian stewardship

Free chapters from Understanding the Spirituality of True Stewardship with their study guide. This is a popular book on Christian stewardship written by Christian author and speaker, Christopher Sealey.

Crossword puzzles on Bible topics

Make Bible study fun through Puzzle-Based Learning. Learn important Biblical principles by solving Bible-themed crossword puzzles. Click here.
  Spiritual Vitamins Faithful stewards depend on their spiritual vitamins to maintain a healthy Christian stewardship life.
  God's Promises of Prosperity God’s Promises of Prosperity in Christian stewardship contains fifteen (15) of over 50 promises of stewardship found in the Scriptures. It is in "pdf" format and requires you to have, the freely distributed, Acrobat PDF Reader installed on your PC. Feel free to distribute this book to anyone or to post it on your website as a free download.
  God's Resume in Your Life A document you create, which list chronologically how God has been working to instruct, teach, counsel, and watch over you. Creating this document helps to increase your faith in God.
  Credit Card Debt Calculator A handy credit card debt calculator that will help you figure out how long it'll take to pay off your credit card debt based on your payments and account interest rates.

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